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Non Salary Transfer

Minimum Salary AED 8000 / Salaried Person can apply only

Approval in 24 hours possible!

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Personal Loan in UAE Without Salary Transfer

These days, there are a lot of banks in Dubai that are approving personal loans for the applicants
without salary transfer.
Currently, the major names of the banking sector of Dubai are offering personal loans to both UAE residences and
non-native citizens.
The easily available loan neither comes with any restriction nor
they tag any limit with the loan amount.

The good news is, applicants do not need to transfer their salary account to the same bank from which
they are applying for personal loans.

We Offer personal loan in UAE without a salary transfer.

In UAE These days, there are a lot of banks in Dubai that are approving personal loans for the applicants without
salary transfer. Apply now for personal loan without salary

ProviderMinimum SalaryInterest Starting RateSalary Transfer
FGB – Personal Loans
AED 10,0003.00%NoApply Now
Emirates NBD
AED 30002.77%NoApply Now
Mashreq Bank
AED 5,00010.25%NoApply Now
Dubai Islamic Bank
AED 3,0006.00%NoApply Now
Citi Bank
AED 8,0003.8%NoApply Now
Ajman Bank
AED 10,0009.00 %NoApply Now
Finance House
AED 8,0005.45%NoApply Now
AED 4,0009.00 %NoApply Now
United Arab Bank
AED 6,0003.02%NoApply Now

We are a lead generating company which connects consumers with third party lenders.

Apply now for cash and get a quick approval. Minimum period – 6 months and maximum period – 60 months.

The minimum apr is 1.54% and maximum apr is 24.99% depending on your company, salary, bureau score and the type of loan you avail.
Applicable fees will be 1% of loan amount as processing fees & 1% of remaining amount if early settlement.

There are no charges for applying on our platform. Once you apply for the type of product you are interested in, you will get calls from our registered consumers, which will be great for you to compare and decide amongst the options.


Principal Loan Amount = AED 100
Rate of Interest = 1.54%
Processing Fee = 1%
Tenure = 6 month

Total Loan Amount = Principal Loan Amount + Interest + Processing Fee
= 100 + 1.54 + 1
= 102.54

Monthly Installment = Total Loan Amount / Tenure
= 102.54 / 6
= 17. 09